prepare many changes & commit

In editing many flac (adding covers and tags) I have long delays when writing the tags.
I would like to edit many files and after finishing that be able to write all files at once.

Then I can have a coffee and everythings finished when I get back.

Do you really need to add embedded covers for your application? That's the big hit, as the files need to be rewritten to fit the cover into the tags. Editing and writing some additional fields will normally be much faster, as long as the edits fit within any padding within the tag.

Yes, for my sonos I need embedded covers. But anyway, also changing tags and waiting for save to complete is tidious. Today I got a collection of recordings from my jazz performances of our band of last year to tag and add covers. In total about 400 files from 30 gigs, so 30 covers.

This takes a lot of time.

Using an action you can import covers into all selected files, as long as they are stored in the respective album folder and have a name that follows a pattern: either they are all called the same (e.g. folder.jpg or cover.jpg) or they have a name that can be taken from a tag (e.g. %album%.jpg).

I found a solution indeed by using an action and an update on the sonos to support folder.jpg files. Thanks!