Preserve Modification Date Oddity

New to this app. Like it ...... but I have an issue with the file creation and modification date. If I do not select Preserve Modification Date in Preferences, both it AND the file creation date are changed. I prefer the creation date to let me know when I obtained the FLAC files on my M1 Mini and my older MBP, and the modification date to note when a modification occurred.

If I select Preserve Modification Date, BOTH are unchanged.

Seems like the creation date should NEVER be changed, right?

I read older (probably Windows) posts regarding this, indicating a temporary copy that is utilized, but golly, there has to be a way to do this.

Yes, thanks for pointing. This happens when temporary files are involved for writing the changes. I'll look into this and will fix it with the next release.

Thank you very much!

I've just released Mp3tag for Mac v1.4 including the fix. Thanks again for reporting!

Thank you Florian, the modification date now agrees with the Preferences checkbox! :grinning:

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