Presets based on different type of releases

I get a lot of free dl off SoundCloud and most of the time i'm inputing the same content in the following tags:


so my suggestion would be to have an option within MP3Tag to auto tag based on releasetype/mediatype. BTW these presets could be defined and edited along the way with unlimited amount possible. So a free download song that I would have dl'd would have the following:

publisher = self-released
catalognumber = none
mediatype = Digital Media
quality = MP3; 320 kbps
releasetype = single
releasestatus = promotional
releasecountry = Worldwide

I know there is a default values option but that doesn't work becuase I have different songs with various information.

If you write the same values to these fields, then this can be done with an action group that has actions of the type "Format tag field" for the rescpective field and the corresponding value.
As you can have (almost) any amount of action groups you can set as many default values and groups of default values as you like and have them ready at the click of a button.

BTW: you cannot write the bitrate (e.g. 320 kbps) as this is a property of the ripping process.

Pretty simple enough. :w00t:

I don't understand. I'm writing that in a custom tag: %quality%. Does it hurt the file in any way adding that? I'm really anal like that. A good example for this type of file editing would be for:

-Digital Album > WAV
--converted to FLAC
---then I would format the value %quality% as: "WAV" because that was the original file source/type.

You are quite right: a user-defined field like quality will do no harm.

I'm finding reasons not to sleep which is why I reply so soon :ph34r:

Thanks for the help is there a way to mark this thread as [SOLVED]?