prevent MP3Tag from writing WM/Track

when I am using MP3Tag on WMA files, it writes both WM/TrackNumber (1-based) and WM/Track (0-based) fields in the file, as correspondence to TRACK field.

I would like to know how to prevent MP3Tag to write the WM/Track field (but keeping writing WM/TrackNumber field).

Context: I just noticed that my MP3 player (samsung T10) does not sort correctly WMA tracks. with files directly created by Emodio Samsung ripping software, the tracks are sorted alphabetically, which would allow me applying workaround by adding track number to titles. But when the tracks haved been rewritten by MP3Tag, the tracks on the MP3 player are sorted in a completely not understandable way.
The only difference I found is the presence of WM/Track in MP3Tag-written files (beside WM/TrackNumber that is also present).

I am also wondering if it would be possible to write the track value as a DWORD (as indicated on MS Website, it is a wrong but possible case), maybe this is the format the T10 expects for correctly sorting tracks.

Thanks for any answer.

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