Preview Evolution

First thank you so much for Mp3tag :smiley:

I used another tag editor until yesterday and i had to find another one because the previous one was not updated for years.
I was really surprised to find Something like Mp3tag, it's so owesome. Again, thank you.

I've already posted in the Bug Reports Forum.

I'm here to ask if it would be possible to make evolve the Preview fonctionnality.
Today, it shows us the before/after in a textfile wich i find a little difficult to read...
I think it should be not so difficult to put it in a grid not unlike the one in the main window of Mp3tag.

What do you think ?

This grid could be used for all the "Convert tags from/to filenames".

I thought of somethink else about the gris in the "Adjust tag information" window and i will post if right away.

This function is also capable of updating tags in thousands of files (e.g. a backup scenario). I doubt that you would use a preview for this amount of data.

Also, the data in the text files could refer to fields that are not shown in the files list. So where should the preview be seen - if not in the already existing text file.

Personaly, i would not apply modifications without verification, so without preview.

My proposition was that the two possibily remain : the textfile version and the grid version.
Perhaps the choise between them could be made by clicking on the preview button or in the configuration of Mp3tag ?
In the grid version, why not put all the columns implicated in the modifications and and only those ?

The informations in the textfile could not all be placed in the grid ?

Perhaps a colum number limit could be placed on the grid preview...

I still doubt that it is feasible to go through more than a few dozen files visually.
So you would have to rely on some kind of database that does the comparison for you.
For this you have the export function with very powerful commands to get the right amount of data out of the files and align them with the data in the text files.

Yes, this is the usual way for propositions: make it an option. Options usually make it more difficult to operate a program as you first have to check which option you have set...

If you want to see all the information, you actually have to use 3 sets of "grids" (tables?):
one with the original data,
one where the data from the text file matches a selected file and would lead to an update and
one where there is data in the text file but there is no match in the selected files.

Or at least that is the way I would make sure that I get it right. Having 3 tables with numerous columns on the screen would really congest the desktop, IMHO.
You would have to use some kind of database queries to see that you got right.

Okay, i let it go.

Just so you know, i have already check manually in a grid like this 308 modifications yesterday with the old tool that i had to let go. I don't think this is this difficult.

Thanks for your answers. Good evening.

(i've tried to upload captures of the tool i used)