Preview File Size for Import from Text

I am (trying to) update 13,600 MP3 files from a text file via the file-tag functionality. The preview file that can be displayed and saved in Notepad appears to be the only means of finding out which files were not matched in the process. Unfortunately, the amount of text that would turn up in a preview file generated by the import of my main data set would exceed Notepad's edit limit by about 150 times. Most of the text is a duplication of the file path value (lots of characters there) plus the field names (eg COMMENT SONGs-DB_CUSTOM3) and so could be reduced. Is it possible to have the import write a more informative, less wordy text output straight to a text file so that some other editor could be used if required?



Spoke too soon re prevous post on file limit. Number of 45K I found was just for Windows 3.1 and its ilk. Don't know what the limits for XP/Vista are yet.

I'm open to suggestions :slight_smile:

Any number of free or low-cost text editors will work. MP3Tag displays the preview.txt file in whatever text editor you have defined in Windows as the default program for files of type .TXT. In my case, I use UltraEdit. It can hold hundreds of thousands of rows. The preview.txt file opens in UltraEdit when I click the preview button.