Preview layout as one line

Preview as one line per track - So fast to confirm as OK

This is Not easy to read quickly:

"E:\JJ Cale 1983 [#8]\J.J. Cale [#8] 01 - Money.mp3" ->
artist: J.J. Cale
album: #8
track: 01
title: Money

"E:\JJ Cale 1983 [#8]\ 02 - Losers.mp3" ->
artist: J.J. Cale
album: #8
track: 02
title: Losers

Compared to this

"E:\\JJ Cale 1983 [#8]\01 - Money Talks.mp3" ->artist: J.J. Cale album: #8 track: 01title: Money
"E:\\JJ Cale 1983 [#8]\02 - Losers.mp3" ->artist: J.J.Cale album: #8 track: 02 title: Losers

Here your eyes can flow down the track listings extremely quickly
When retagging many entries reading the current format takes many times longer than need be.
The existing format is actually even messier to read when real file folder paths are shown.

Simple change, big improvement

[I was forced to change to Mp3Tag when Branding's Mp3TagStudio stopped working under Win7. Some adjustment is still being made, but Mp3Tag is faster and simpler to use. That is, once the wrinkles have been learnt (still baulks over double artist's names etc). Thanks for a great program, the others are nightmarishly stacked full of irreversible traps]