Preview tracks in osx


I'm new to this forum and first of all I want to say that mp3tag is the best tagging tool ever. As a dj I've tried several and compared to mp3tag they all lose.
The only problem I have, because I work on OSX is the lack of getting the preview player to work.
Can some one help me with this.

Thanks in advance

File>Options>Tools>Start special program with double-click
and enter the correct command line for the player.

You may define one tool entry for each player you want to apply.

For example ...
Name: &WinAmp (add)
Parameter: '/ADD "'%_path%'"'
For all selected files: yes

For example ...
Name: Windows &Media Player
Parameter: '"'%_path%'"'
For all selected files: no



Thanks for the quick replies. But sadly it didn't work. I've tried this before and the program crashed.
Maybe it's the way osx works. Did anybody got this working on a mac? There must be some kind of workaround I hope.
I'm on El Capitan if it makes any difference