Previews in same popup box

Previews in same popup box as action.

An option (as this would be a drain on low end systems) to show previews in the same box as an action being performed.

2 examples are converting from 'tag - filename' where 'preview only' can be ticked and a txt file generated with the proposed changes. I feel this would look/work much better if it appeared immdiately below the format string field (perhaps an option to show all in preview or just one file as it works now would do this). The second example is when using say freeDB and your album has multiple entries in the search results box I find myself clicking quite a few different previews and having them each open as a seperate text file. If this where perhaps shown in 2 pane view where clicking one suggested feeDB entry then loaded the tags in the 2nd pane it would make this much more simple.

There are a few other cases of this akward preview behavior and all I am really suggesting is that perhaps previews in general (and in particular the freeDB lookup case) could be slightly easier to use.