Previous Folders, multiple instances or Tabs

Would it be possible to add "Previous Folders" (say last 10) to the Files menu?
Even better would be Tabs with different Folders being processed.
Or how about allowing multiple instances of MP3Tag?

All of these would allow easy C&P copying from Album to Album


Hi NovaGuy,

thanks for your feedback! You can access the latest folders via the drop-down list at the Directory field in the Tag Panel. By choosing one of the entries, you'll navigate back to one of your previous directories.

Tabs and multiple instances are not planned at the moment, but:

For easy copying of data between albums you can also load both albums to the file view. Instead of changing the directory via File > Change directory... you can also add another directory to the file view via File > Add directory.... This also works via drag&drop from Windows Explorer (or your favorite file manager) while holding the [Ctrl] key down.

Kind regards
– Florian

Thanks very much... that helps a lot :smiley:

The CTRL key instead of the Alt key.

Thanks poster, I've corrected my post from above.

Kind regards
– Florian