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I recently updated to the latest version. I like how clean everything is. great job! however there are some fields lacking now that I am quite found of and would like back. The 'disk number' and 'album artist' are the ones i used before but can't find. the simplest fix I can see is go back to the previous version that had these fields. but i am not able to find the previous version nor remember what version i was using before. i apologize for my ignorance. thanks for any help.


Where do you miss these fields?
In the files list? Then create a new column (Right-click on a column-header, open Columns..., click the new button and enter %albumartist% for field and value, click OK. Do something similar with %discnumber%)

Or in the tag panel?
Then open Tools>Options>Tag-Panel
and add the fields there.

ohrenkino, my bad. deeply embarrassed. we can close this one off as an ID-ten-tee issue. Thanks