Print function

I'm sure at one time or another someone has asked: why can't you print from MP3TAG?
It really would be nice to be able to print from the program. I have found and use the EXPORT:html_standard, then copied and pasted into Excel then printed, but it would save a little time if you could directly print from the program. Just wondering.

In general one can print the result from an Mp3tag export script from within the application, which is able to display the given output file format, which here in this case should be the application, which can display the html output, e. g. the standard browser application.
There is no need to force another different program, like Excel (???), to print HTML output.

Have I misunderstood your question?
If you want to print the source code from the HTML coded MTE export file, then the applied text editor will have a print function ready.

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Just struck me: is there any player that has a print function?
But in general you mentioned the interface to formatted output: the export function/scripts. With this you can address the suitable formatter.