Printing off various fields


I'm sure this is an easy one, but this is what I'd like to be able to achieve:

Often I see a piece of music and either decide to buy it, or download it, but in most cases, I find it's already in my mp3 selection!

I would like to be able to produce a list that would include the following fields in my collection, and in this order across the page:

Composer Title of Work Album

I would want the listed sorted by the Composer Field (in alphabetical order, surname first, as it is on screen. The Title would come next, and then the Album wherein each individual piece of music is contained.

I would not want to print it out physically, but assume the result would appear in some kind of Excel spreadsheet format, which might be possible to convert into a pdf format?

Any advice much appreciated!


MP3tag has a sample export script for csv output.
As the scripts are plain text files, you can edit them with any plain text editor and adapt them according to your needs.
See the documentation about export scripts:

Still, I wonder what would be faster in excel than the filter in MP3tag?
Or, perhaps even better: use a decent player like Foobar2000 that allows to filter (search) in various ways specifically in tags. The good thing about that approach would be that you see the files directly, you may manipulate them immediately and you don't have to remember the data from the excel sheet, then open the explorer or the player to process the files further.

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