PRIV and NCON frames

I ran across some tracks that had PRIV and NCON frames which showed up in Mp3 Diags and Mp3/Tag Studio, but they don't appear in Mp3tag extended tags.

Is there a way to get Mp3tag to read these frames?

Actually I don't need read the contents of those frames, I just need to know that they exist so I can delete them with Mp3tag.

Not possible.

So I guess the only way to delete those frames would be to delete the whole ID3v2 tag.

Is adding these other frames to Mp3tag a possibility for a future enhancement?

You can cut and paste tags to remove unsupported frames. Backing up your files first would be a good idea because if something goes wrong during cutting and pasting you could lose your tags.

ID3-TagIT can remove unsupported frames in large numbers of files safely, though I haven't used it for that myself.

Being able to do this would be a nice addition to Mp3tag.

Thanks :slight_smile:, I didn't think of that.

Mp3/Tag Studio has a mass clean up tags function that will remove most tags.

I agree.

That's not true. This guy did it:

He meant not part of MP3Tag's feature set.