Problem after upgrading to Windows 10 1809

I've belatedly finally upgraded from Windows 10 Pro 1803 to 1809. All appeared to go well but I now have an annoying problem when ripping CDs to FLAC files. I'm honestly not sure whether this has anything to do with MP3Tag but I'm hoping the collective wisdom of this community can point me in the right direction. I've searched the net but can't find others with a similar issue.

So far I've managed to exclude WMP and a couple of plug-ins as the problem by ripping a CD with another program (Goldwave V6.36) and then sorting out all of the tags with MP3Tag (V2.94). The tags all appear fine from within MP3Tag but when the resulting files are viewed with file explorer two of the fields (Title and Contributing Artists) are limited to about 25 characters. If I then start WMP 12 it updates my carefully set tags for these fields to the first 25 or 26 characters only. I hadn't expected it but WMP is obviously not the problem as it occurs even when WMP is not running.

Could I have set something wrong or allowed a default to be reset by the Windows update?

I'm more or less out of ideas and at my wits end. Any thoughts welcome.

As usual, moments after posting my question I find the answer. It seems that Microsoft screwed up even the minimal FLAC support in Windows 10 with the update. I now only have to decide whether to revert to my backup or wait for a fix.

As you have learned, Windows is not very good for handling tags for FLAC files.

But if you are using WMP, then maybe you'll be interested in WMP Tag Plus:

My understanding is that it won't display FLAC tags in Explorer, but it claims to display them in WMP.
And tags for Ogg Vorbis, WavPack, Monkey's Audio, Musepack and MPEG-4 are also supported.

Thanks ryerman, actually I already do. It was one of the things I wanted to show wasn't the cause of the problem by not using WMP. I think I've more or less accepted that the only way around this is to revert to my backup and wait for Microsoft to fix the bug. Frustrating.