Problem automatically importing covers

Hello, I have a record of covers forehead against a file name. By cons I have to copy and paste tags on Mp3Tag my name windose file. I can not name my file directly covers directly windose while the filename corespont exactly the search criteria on Mp3Tag. There must be a space or characters more or less small compared to the filename and space characters or the software. This is not a spelling problem. Is it normal to always copy paste over to my software to the windose file?
I saw a forum where we could directly change the color, character height tags, etc ... Can one told me? I think my problem comes from.

Sorry, your text is rather hard for me to understand, so I do my best in guessing.

If your cover files have a name that can be composed from tags, like %album%, you can use that in the action of the type
Import cover from file
and enter (e.g.) %album%.jpg

If your cover file has a constant name e.g. frontcover.jpg then type in that name and no tag variable.

It is not the best way to get covers with copy&paste as by that way, they are converted into a Windows internal format first which may be bigger than the original.
The better way is to save the cover as file first and then import it.

And no: MP3tag has no functions to manipulate a picture file. You have to do that with an external application like IrFanView

Thank you for your answer. I do not know if I can speak French. Escusez me for my English (Google translation.)

I think the characters used by Mp3Tag are smaller than Windose. So incompatibility during import. I wonder where you could change the font size of the software.

AFAIK uses MP3tag the system default font and its size. This cannot be changed.

Yet it seemed to me that we could change the characters from lines of codes logicilel. Once I wanted to test the change cartatère. I think I did a silly thing.
So when I did a search for cover with size is:

%artist% - %album% (Cover - Front).jpg

Some do not cover emblem is right to import. This is sometimes a problem corespondance between the tags and the spelling of the file name. Sometimes I have no explanation. The file name corresponds exactly with the tags of my files.

It could be that if you use the tag data that you get illegal characters in the filename like
\ / :
It could be that these do not get evalutated are are replaced by other characters.

You can filter for the files which have no cover:
%_covers% IS ""
You can then investigate what might be the cause.