Problem changing tags on one FLAC album (purchased from Zunior)

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I don't think that this is a problem specific to MP3tag per se, but it is when using this program that I encounter the problem. I have one FLAC album that I purchased a while back on Zunior. I prefer to have all of the tags on my music files to have artist names last name first. So, when I try to change that on these files, it will always crash MP3tag. This is consistent from Windows XP to Windows Vista, and through many versions, up to and including the current one (2.43).

I am at a loss as to how to fix this problem. None of my other FLAC files (all or most of which I created from the CDs) have this problem. Is this a known issue with files from Zunior? If so, what is the solution? Regardless, if anyone has any ideas, let me know. My first thought was that the files were read-only, or had some other permissions issue. But, nothing I have done so far has helped. Thank you in advance.

Bump. Nobody else has experienced this?


Does checking the file with AudioTester reveal anything?

I would personally decode it to WAV and then re-encode it to FLAC.


Apologize for responding to a message from 7 years ago, but I've just encountered the very same issue with about 10 albums I had downloaded over years from Zunior. Many albums were fine from Zunior, but the ones impacted I couldn't fix without encoding to WAV and back to FLAC. A few programs could read the tags (including MP3TAG and Foobar2000), but they couldn't make edits and I couldn't add tags elsewhere either. Most had no tags in Windows Explorer, but very strangely one actually did, even though some programs (including WINYL) still couldn't read tags from that album either.


Perhaps they have got Vorbis comments and ID3 tags stacked on top of each other ...
See in MP3tag if you find any hints about ID3 tags. If so, remove them.

Another option, which I've seen quite often, is that STREAMINFO is not the first metadata block in the file. There are broken implementations out there, which put PICTURE before everything.

This can be checked with metaflac.exe.

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