Problem copying ALBUMARTIST to ARTIST

I set up an action to copy the content of the ALBUMARTIST field to the ARTIST field (yes, that's right). But, when I run it, it does the opposite.

My (recent, noobie) first use of Actions was to copy Album Artist to Album and, setting it up using the info I found here in the Community, it worked fine. I now find myself in a situation where I need to do the reverse.

Both actions shown in the screenshot do the same thing. Any suggestions?


I'm using macOS 13.2.1 and mp3tag 1.7.5 (76).

No, they don't.
You will see the same ARTIST afterwards as you first copied the contents of ARTIST into ALBUMARTIST and then used the contents of ALBUMARTIST to fill ARTIST.
If the field ARTIST is empty when you run the first action then the field ALBUMARTIST will also be empty as a result..
And then copying no contents into a field with no contents will leave both fields empty.

I think you would need to separate the two actions into distinct action groups, so that they're not executed at the same time.

To do so, you could create a new action group "Copy AlbumArtist to Artist" on the left part of the window and re-create the second action group in there.

You can then apply the actions via the action groups independent from each other.

Ahh. I didn't realize that multiple actions in a group are all executed as a group. I was trying to execute a single action that happened to be in a multiple-action group. I did as you described, got the result I wanted, and now understand how groups work. Many thanks, not only for the guidance, but also for the promptness.

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