Problem exporting Artist Tag

Sometimes the Artist Tag contains data with two backslashes.
When I export the Artist Tag, I only get the first name.
I tried Replace "\" with",", but that does not work.

If the selected file has multiple fields of the same type, e.g., two artist fields, the field values are displayed separated by the multiple-field separator \\ (double backslash), e.g., Artist 1\\Artist 2.

The multiple-field separator is not stored in the tag field and only used for displaying multiple fields.

You can export all of the artists using $meta_sep(artist,', ').

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In addition to Florian's answer you can press ALT + T on such tracks. Then you can see that your 3 artists in the example are stored in multiple tags with the same name.


Thanks, but does this only work for one file? What if I select multiple files?

Then how do you export the tag data?
$meta_sep() merges all tag fields of the same type to a single string - for the current file. Next file, next string.

I would like something like
René Kollo, Robert Heger, Berliner Philharmoniker, Herbert von Karajan, Luc Sels, Jan Pots
(See my example)

That is all artists from all files.

So you want to write a list of all artists from all files to all selected files?

That is exactly what I want!

I doubt that this is possible as MP3tag always only knows the current files and does not remember what other data the other files contained.