Problem on how iTunes embeds the Cover Art


It appears that iTunes is now using the "PRIV" frame to embed the cover art using ID3v2 instead of the standard "APIC" frame. This leads to some issues, see this post. Any ideas if Mp3Tag can copy/move the contents of the PRIV frame into the APIC frame?

PS: Mp3Tag is absolutely brilliant! It's probably one of the best truly free closed source apps that I have seen. Any chances you can create an wish list? I get stucked with as I don't know much German. :smiley:


I don't think this is true. I tried itunes 8, it still puts the image in the apic frame.


I think I know what's happening. iTunes it's a bit "smarter" and if it finds another song from the same album/artist that has a cover art then it will display it for all the songs on the same album. I was getting confused because iTunes will show the cover art but Mp3Tag will say the file has no art embedded hence I related that with the PRIV issue which I think it might have been fixed now (or may be never existed?). Any ideas on how to make Mp3Tag embed the image on one song searching the image on another song from the same album/artist that does have album art?

Apologies for the false alarm...


OK, in case anyone wants to fix this in their libraries this is how I did it (may be not the best way but it worked fine for me). Using Mp3Tag I exported all my library songs and a field that tells me if the song has a cover or not (%_covers%). I then loaded this CSV file onto a database and made a simple query that showed me which Albums had songs where the cover art was present in some songs and missing in some others. That gave a quick list of songs to fix. Armed with this list I then went want to Mp3Tag and extracted the cover art from the album songs that had the cover and attached it to the missing songs. :sunglasses: