Problem playing mp3 in Volvo car stereo


I have recently encountered problems playing mp3-files from usb-stick on my Volvo car stereo. It is only newer files (purchased from a.o. 7 Digital), so it is not a general problem. And the files play without problem anywhere else.

I did some googling, and found a workaround: I use Switch MP3 converter, and simply convert the file to the exact format and bitrate as it was. And now suddenly, the file works!

As I use MP3TAG in general for setting all of the info correct, it would have been easier for me if MP3TAG fixed this when I update files.

So, my first question is: Is this a know issue, and is there any secret trick I can do in MP3TAG to avoid this?

If not, my second question is: can this issue be solved in a future version of MO3TAG?

I can provide both "wrong" and corrected file, if you want an example...

I doubt it. MP3tag deals with the tags. It does not deal with the audio data. So if something is wrong with the audio part and/or the header of the file, you would have to resort to other programs (that are not as good in tagging) like MP3val or MP3diags. These utilities usually do not encode the already compressed files again.

Let these check the files first and after any kind of corruption has been removed, clearify the tag problems (if there are any left).
If you want to do a tag check: see if there are any APE tags in the files (get rid of them) or see what kind of character coding the car stereo expects and correct it, if necessary.

Hi Vidar,

another idea would be to check if the files have two different types of ID3v2 tags (e.g., ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4).

Car stereo systems are often developed in a time- and resource-constrained fashion and have no automated tests to backup the quality of the implementation.

Kind regards
– Florian