Problem reading dates from my flac files

Dear Community,

I've stumbled upon a problem when trying to organize my flac library: Mp3tag can't read the dates for some reason. The date is shown in Media Monkey, but I can't see anything in Mp3tag. I also cannot see any tag related to date in the advanced tag menu. Is there some other way dates can be saved on flac files?

[edit] Just noticed you are already working on the Discogs search. It would be really handy if I could filter Discogs searches by countries and release type (cd/vinyl).

Thanks in advance!

could you check if you have a setting in
to map DATE and YEAR?

I tried it with and without that setting. I can write a date or year tag, but I cannot read it. But it has to be there, Mediamonkey recognizes it. Dunno if it is an error in formatting.

What do the extended tags (Alt-T) say?

They don't show any tag information related to date. That's why I'm so confused. I ripped the files using exact audio copy.

Could it be that you have not only FLAC tags in the files but also ID3 ones?
You can see that for a single selected file in the header of the extended tags dialogue.

It doesn't say anything about ID3 tags in the header or in the tag column. I've had some files with id3 tags but it surely wasn't this one. Almost my whole library is affected by the issue.

Is this a recent change or has it been like that all the time?
Anyway: I don't know what is going now. It could be that MM has its own database that it reads instead of the tag data ... but if MP3tag shows it correctly, I don't know

I have just started using Mp3tag. MediaMonkey can't know because it can't ask the internet - I haven't bothered to make a fw exception.
Maybe I could pm you a file?

What I meant: maybe MM read the file prior to the tag modification and saved that in its own local database and now presents still the old data.

Before we infringe copyrights: try foobar2000 and see which data that player shows.

Foobar shows nothing for date. Dunno what MM does tbh, but it is clearly there. I can edit the tag field in MM and there is a date.

What's really strange: I converted a ray charles album to AAC for my iphone using foobar and the iTunes encoder. The dates are all there in the aac files, but now foobar can't read the dates on the flac files. Maybe I accidentally deleted all dates on my library but I certainly can't recall doing that (I should remember as editing those tags should have taken quite some time).

So, everything is fine with MP3tag?!

I'm really sorry to have bothered you. I must have accidentally deleted all the dates in my library :frowning:

Thank you so much for your help!