Problem remembering settings in Windows 7 HP (X64)


I installed MP3TAG on a PC with Windows 7 Home Premium (X64).

I use MP3TAG version 2.48

I want MP3TAG to remember the settings.
When I type in my settings (e.g. the folder to start in), I save the settings.
When I close MP3TAG, I get a windows telling me :ACCES DENIED.

Next time when I start MP3TAG again, there are no settings saved.
I always start MP3TAG as Administrator.

What is the problem an how do I solve it ?


Check the owner of the path %appdata%\mp3tag.
If this has some strange number/character combination, then change the owner to your real account.


I checked and I found the problem.

mp3tag made a folder: c:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag.
All users have all permissions in this folder.

But this folder was read only. I made it read and write, and now everything works fine !

Thanks for your help

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