Problem Renaming File Folder after using MP3Tag

Hi there:

I recently "upgraded" from WinXP to To Windows 7. Under WinXP I could use MP3Tag to Retag and rename all of the music in a root folder (eg White Album), then close down MP3Tag and rename the root folder to "Beatles - White Album". Now under Windows 7, I retag my files but cannot rename the root folder. I get a windows 7 error "The action can't be completed because a folder or file in it is open in another program. " - The only program I used was MP3Tag. It is not open in any other programs.

To get around his problem I have to restart Windows 7 and then rename the file. - A pain in the neck

It seems like something in MP3Tag is still hanging onto to file folder and not letting go.

I am/was using MP3Tag 2.45b in both editions of windows.

Any Ideas?


It could be that the wmp reads the recently modified files. So a modification in MP3tag causes wmp to have a look at the folders....So may not be just mp3tag that has opened the files...

WMP has nothing to do with it I only am using MP3Tag to retag the music and Windows Explorer to Rename the root folder. No other programs were involved other than Win 7

Is Mp3tag still listed in Windows Task Manager when this problem occurs?


There is a known issue that a sideshow plugin scans the drives and grabs a folder if it thinks that it has to deal with it. It then blocks the folder and does not release it.
Actually: it calls WMP - so you have to have a look at your task manager and see whether a wmp process has been started although the wmp window is not visible.
You can simply terminate that wmp process (which will be restarted soon afterwards) and it will release the folder.