Problem when working on a NAS

Hello !
I have a problem when working on files on my D-Link 313 NAS.
When changing tags on little files, no error. But when I try do edit 100 mo files, mp3 Tag is freezing, and the result is a temp file created in the directory.
I saw a post about this problem, but no answer !
When I do the same with Winamp, all is OK....
Is there a solution to this problem ?
I would like to continue tagging with MP3 Tag, a so good program !
Thank you !

I wonder whether MP3tag only carries the message but does not cause it.
The web is full of complaints about slow data rates on this particular piece of hardware. So this could explain the feeling that MP3tag freezes.

Another source: e.g. WIndows 7 and Windows XP regularly loose contact if a program like the (Microsoft!) synctoy transfers a lot of files. XP then complains that a network resource is not available.
So, I am afraid, you have to do a little research into your NAS and perhaps update the firmware.

Sorry, but it's not a firmware issue :

I made test today, and noticed :

  • When tagging a cover on the NAS (ethernet) with MP3 TAG, the temp file is growing about 500 ko/s....So, for a 200 mo file, I should wait 7 mn !
  • When Tagging with iTunes (for example), the modification takes 1 second !

I tried accessing files with the relative path to the shared folder of the NAS (D:\Music), and with the IP path (\\\Music), it's the same issue.
My NAS is formated in NTFS... And my transfert rate between the PC and the NAS is about 8 mo/s

Thanks for your help !

I'm sad, but have been obliged to remove mp3Tag ans install another Tag editor which is working on my NAS... :huh:

Which one have you picked?