Problem with audio playback after updating to v2.85

Today i updated MP3tag to its newest version and I added some .mkv files to see what's new in it. Later, after closing Mp3tag, I went back to my browser and started playing a video and there was no audio. I thought it was a problem with Opera, but nothing changed. Then I opened MusicBee and it showed a strange error, changed from headphones to speaker, restarted my PC and there isn't any audio yet.

Windows sound troubleshooting detected/fixed nothing and I'm here asking for help.


OS: Windows 10 Pro 1709 64-bit
CPU: AMD Athlon II
Realtek Audio Drivers installed.

I think your problems are coincidental with the installation.
Perhaps you find something on this external page:
look for the post with "bass_error_buflost".

Thanks sooo much! Got it working after deleting Voicemeter driver and restarting my PC. Something must have gone wrong with Voicemeter I guess.