Problem with Blank Spaces at End of Title and before .mp3

Hi everyone,

I am having an odd problem. I have an mp3:

"John Silver - On The hill .mp3"

Notice that space after the word "hill". To get rid of that blank space I wrote this:
Actions / Replace "_FILENAME": " .mp3" -> ".mp3"

When I run the action in Mp3tag v2.41 it changes on screen but if I then double click on the song it says "can't be accessed". Mp3tag then refreshes the directory and the mp3 has reverted back to "John Silver - On The hill .mp3"

Is this a bug or should I write a different formula?

Hi all actually saw in the fact that this works:

Action type: Format value
Formatstring: $trim(%_filename%)

Now while this removes the blank space in the actual mp3 file it still does not remove the blank space within the actual title and artist field.

"John Silver - On The hill .mp3" <-- correct

"On The Hill " <-- space still left after last word

I tried the next logical move from my perspective but it didn't work:
Action type: Format value
Field: _Title
Formatstring: $trim(%_title%)

Any suggestions :smiley:

Use $trim(%title%) Only information fields are prefixed with an underscore.

Kind regards,