Problem with Brackets/Parentheses


Hi, good proggy this one.

I'm only having I probelm which is manifesting itself in a few ways. Could someone tell me how to do the following:

  1. Rename: Remix to (Remix)


  1. Rename: (Remix( to (Remix)


  1. Replace all of the ( characters at the end of a filename with nothing

I don't see how the proggy can distinguish between the 1st and 2nd occurance of the brackets???

Thanks in advance.


hmmm, have I asked a question that can not be answered ... :flushed:


Please be patient. We don't do support 24/7 :slight_smile:

I think your question can be answered easily, but it's a little bit vague, so I'll ask you the details:

I'm assuming that Remix can be any text, not just Remix? Do you want to replace this from the filename, or from a tag field. Is there other text in this field, besides Remix or (Remix(?

~ Florian


hehe, sorry for my impatience Florian :wink:

Yes, to clarify:

Remix can be any word (and would most likely be accompanied by another word) and in fact, it could be be any words in the brackets [I just chose Remix as I thought I could adapt the solution accordingly]. But its good that this is clarified.

Filename and Tag field please (am I correct in thinking if the expression is _ALL then this will replace in any filenames and tags where the character is found and for others it will just ignore it?).

And yes, there will be other text in the filename an example being: Title - Artist (ABC Remix(.mp3

Thanks for your help Florian, it is much appreciated.


Okay, please create a new action group with these three Replace with regular expression actions:

  • 1.
    Field: ALL
    Regular Expression: (.*?)
    Replace matches with: $1($2)$3
  • 2.
    Field: _ALL
    Regular Expression: (.?)((.?)((.)
    Replace matches with: $1($2)$3
  • 3.
    Field: _ALL
    Regular Expression: (.?)(.(.*)
    Replace matches with: $1.$2
Finally apply this set of actions to your files.

Best regards,
~ Florian


OK I will try this when I get to my home pc and report back. Thanks.


OK, you're officially a genius. It works. :wink: