Problem with case conversion

Hello, I am new here, I just downloaded the program, it's amazing. But some things work and others wont. I tried to do some case conversions and it wont apply it to any, it will say filter applied to 0 of 20 or whatever. But other actions work, so I don't get what's wrong...

Perhaps your tracks are already ok :slight_smile:
No: Press Alt-5 to open the actions window
Select the case conversion action and press the Edit button.
Select the action "convert" and press the Edit button
In the subsequently opened dialog check if the correct tag field (usually title or album) is shown. If not, select the field for case conversion.
Select the the option for the different ways of case conversion.
Press ok.
Press ok.
Tick the box for Case Conversion and press OK (this will carry out the ticked action) or press Close and select the action from the dropdown list for actions in the toolbar after you have selected the files with the wrong case.

BTW: as the case conversion depends a lot on the field you have set it only works on that field. It does not modify the filename unless you select the filename field for conversion. So if your indicator for "does nothing" is that the filename stays the same then you either have to select the filename as field or the function Tag - Filename to update the filename.