Problem with "Comment" tag...



I am using version 2.28b.

I use EAC and LAME to generate my MP3s.

When I use Mp3tag to make my files even more perfect :wink:, I see the following in the "Comment" tag:

Track:comments: Exact Audio Copy\Exact Audio Copy

Is that normal?

Other tag editors see:

Exact Audio Copy

Windows explorer also sees:

Exact Audio Copy

Am I passing bad parameters to LAME?
Is this a problem with ID3 tag versions?

For debugging purpose, there is one of these files you can download and check:

Thanks in advance for any help.

AND know one thing: Mp3tag is the very best tagger I found and I tested 28!!!


You have two comments. In mp3tag go View>Tags and it should come up with a window (look at the attached image) and it will have all the tag info for that mp3. Just delete the comment.



That's kind of odd. Some tracks only have "Exact Audio Copy", some of them have the two comments you mentioned.
Is EAC behaving randomly?

I will have to go in the option tab and see if I can prevent EAC from adding anything to the comment tag. After all, they already put something in the "Encodedby" tag.

Thanks for your help.

Track:comments: Exact Audio Copy\Exact Audio Copy

Do you know if that type of comment formatting is specific to a version of ID3?
Or is it a proprietary extension of the "comment" tag?


Actually this comment type is part of id3v2 standard.
But not many programs make use of it.
The part before the \ sign is the description part of the comment.
But Florian can explain this better :slight_smile:


Thanks, dano.

If it's a legit ID3v2 tag format, is it being displayed correctly by Mp3tag?

I still have not resolved this mystery.
I mean I don't yet know how some of my tracks simply end up with "Exact Audio Copy" while others end up with "Track:comments: Exact Audio Copy\Exact Audio Copy".

I have a clue, though.

I used EAC/LAME to rip and encode the tracks initially, but I later used RealPlayer to organize them.
Maybe RealPlayer altered/re-formatted some of the tags. I will have to test that.