problem with %_counter% & image export

I am trying to export the images from a playlist using the export images action.

I want chapter1.jpg, chapter2.jpg etc.

Using the obvious syntax I get odd results.


C:\temp\itunes\chapter $num(%_counter%,2) or
C:\temp\itunes\chapter %_counter%


chapter -1.jpg
chapter -1(1).jpg
chapter -1(2).jpg

BTW, images are for a podcast using the excellent Slideshow Assembler

This seems to be a bug.


  1. Instead of %_counter% use $num(%track%,1) if applicable.
  2. Create Actiongroup
    2.1. Format tagfield 'MY_COUNTER' with '%_counter%'.
    2.2. Export cover with 'chapter %MY_COUNTER%'.
    2.3. Remove tagfield 'MY_COUNTER'.


Workaround doesn't work.

Actiongroup e.g. will mean that I have to edit each file won' it? That will defeat the point of using auto renumbering....

Hopefully this bug is fixed in the next release.

Sure, both workarounds work. Result is the same as using %_counter% directly.