Problem with deleted tags and Winamp

Firstly, I used this program to remove tags yesterday and all was fine. Today, I tried to remove some from several thousand files [10,000+], and I thought it was succesful. I was creating a new playlist in Winamp, added some folders and noticed that the tags were still there, but they weren't.

As you can see in this picture, the first 10 do not have tags. In the first picture the highlighted section is what the files look like when I add them to the playlist, and the old tags still show up. The first 10 do not have tags because I had to manually open up the file info and simple press "ok" [picture two], and then the tags would disappear.

Manually pressing the ok button for 10,000+ files would take me a very long time and defeats the purpose of this program. Any help would be appreciated.


Assuming that you properly deleted the tags in Mp3tag, it sounds like you forgot to clear and rebuild your Winamp "Media Library" database. Go to to the Options tab of Preferences|Media Library|Local Library and click "Clear Media Library". Then switch to the Watch Folders tab and click "Rescan Now". You can also reach the latter function by clicking the Library button at the bottom of the Local Media panel.

Doug Mackie

Thank you! I actually figured that out myself about an hour after I posted this. I decided that I wanted album covers for all my albums and started messing with the media library [which I never have before, despite using Winamp for 7 or 8 years]. By deductive reasoning I assumed that it had to have been because I added all my tracks to the media library, and promptly deleted the media playlist and voila!

Thanks for the help. :slight_smile: