Problem with double-click select

I just noticed what seems like a bug to me. If I am replying to a previous post and I want to quote part of that message, I can simply select the part that I want to quote. This is a much better implementation than any that I have seen on any other forum. And I can do it as often as I need to. Excellent!

However, if I want to select an entire paragraph, most software will do that with a double-click. When I tried it just now in another thread, the double-click only selected from the cursor to the start of that line. It was a one-line paragraph, so I'm not sure what it would do with a multi-line paragraph. After I post this, I will test it here.

Well, this is interesting. If I double-click anywhere in the forst paragraph above, it selects the entire paragraph. But in the second paragraph, it only select from the cursor to the start of the paragraph:

In the quote above, I did a double click between the "e" and "a" of "thread".

Just select the part you want to quote. If you want to select a whole paragraph, a triple-click is needed here (running latest Firefox).

If you want to discuss the specifics of this forum software, Discourse Meta is the best address.

You're right. I just tried it with Firefox and it works correctly. It appears to be a problem with Edge (latest version). Just one of many problems with Edge.