Problem with embedded cover art in TAK files (APEv2).

Hello everyone.,

When I want to assign a different type of cover art to an image, other than Front or Back, the program just wouldn't let me. It'll save images classified as Media or Artist for example, only as Front (or may be Back). It's one big TAK files with Embedded cuesheets & 4 embedded JPEG cover arts. The tagging system is APEv2.

And it's not a problem of the audio player (foobar2k in this case), I actually see there is no change in MP3Tag, after I save these covers as Media and other types, it's automatically being saved as Front.


What about an update to V2.52?
See change log in
and have a look at V2.51 to specify the cover type.

Thanks, I've tried it now, but still it's no good. A CD image which I try to classify as Media, is still being saved as Front.

Does APEv2 tags support any other type of covers, except Front & Back, or may be it's other issue?

Please check that if you only want to use APE tags that you have set
to only handle APE and no others, esp. for saving.

APEv2 Cover Art is limited to Front/Back in Mp3tag.

Is there a chance you know if foobar's internal tagger is supporting these features?

Anyway, thanks for the replies people...

I think foobar can do 3 more cover types, but Mp3tag cannot read them.