Problem with Export Configuration Archive


I'm new to this tool and this page.

I was looking those Export Configuration Archive, and i've seen some cool layouts that i'd like to use by myself. So i've downloaded several of them, but when i try to unzip the file it gives me this error message with ALL of them.

Tranlation: Unexpected file's final.

For what i've noticed there's no size difference between the filesize that you list in the Attached Files and the files that i've downloaded
What i'm doin wrong?

And other thing: is there some post where some non very smart guy like me can read how to use that Export Configuration Archives properly, oer some step by step guide on how to use them (especially interested in html_milka_album_list).

Sorry if has been said before, but i don't know exactly what to look for.


Try another browser for downloading.


First, i've tried with Firefox, and i had the problem that i've described.
After read your post i've tried with Explorer and give me the same problem, and i've downloaded with Opera too. The "download manager" of Opera don't finnish the download. When with other finnished downloads it state as Done, with these archives it state like stopped, although the file size it's the correct. :unsure:


Well, too bad, it worked for me on another forum.

If you tell me what files you want, I can maybe upload them as normal http download.


Well, i would like to test several, but i will conform myself (and be grateful) if you upload unless one of these

These two are the ones i want to try first, but i like these others too :rolleyes:

But, upload whatever you want/can

Thanks!!! :smiley:


Here it comes


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

And you know the best thing? I'm able to use them. :smiley: . I told it 'cause i had my doubts if i could know how, but i've done it :rolleyes: :w00t:

Have i told you THANKS? :wink: