Problem with extended tags

Hi, i'm new to MP3TAG.
I would like to add lyrcs to my MP3s, I've watched a tutorial video on You Tube and it seems rather simple.
But when I right-click on the selected MP3 file, instead of the "advanced tag" button it only appears a "tag" button: if I click it, only basic tags are shown without the possibility of adding lyrics in the UNSYNCLYRYCS tab.
Help needed!


Are we talking about the same program - as MP3tag does not have a tab for lyrics?!

If you want to add lyrics, proceed as follows (in this program):
Select the file (only one at a time unless there are several files with the same lyrics)
Press Alt-T - this opens the Extended Tags dialogue
Click the New button near the fields list
Enter as name for the field: UNSYNCEDLYRICS
Enter the language token and the double bar:
add now the lyrics.
Click OK until all dialogues are closed to save the modification.

That's the problem! When I pres alt+T the Extended Tags Dialogue Box won't open; instead, a simple "tag" box opens showing name-artist-title-year the usual stuff. ,no chance of adding lyrics the way you explain.


The first word in the dialogue title IS "Tags".
I do not know any field called "Name".
It could very well be that you do not have any more fields than just those you mentioned.
The crucial thing is the "new" button next to the list of fields.
You have to click that one to add a new field.

If you are not sure about this dialogue, please post a screendump.

This is what I see when I right-click on the fie


Note that the fourth key from top is simply called "Tag" insted of "extended tags".And this is the window I obtain clicking on it

As you see, only basic tags are visualized without any possibility of ading lyrics or other extedned tags.
What's happening?



PS, I'm on Vista, could it be the OS?

In my opinion, everything is fine.
You have opened the right dialogue and that shows all the expected functions.
What may be a bsic misunderstanding: the tags grow and shrink with the fields filled. So if no one has yet entered any lyrics, then the field is not there.
But if you click on the button with the star on it which is next to the tags list then you get another dialogue where you can either type in the name of a field or select one from the drop down list.
In this field type in or select UNSYNCEDLYRICS.
Next enter the lyrics in the bigger input box.
Then click on OK to close the field dialogue.
Then click on OK to close the (extended) Tags dialogue to save the modification.

If you now open the (extended) Tags dialogue for that file again, you will find the field UNSYNCEDLYRICS in the list of fields.

Thankd a lot for you detailed and accurate reply. It works!!!!!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Thanks again!


You are welcome!
Glad, it works now. Have fun.