Problem with Filename to Tag conversion

first question:

I have a lot of files in the format:

nnnn - Artist - Title - Year.mp3

(nnnn is the title number in 4-digit format, i.e. with leading zeros, e.g. 0032)

I have tried to use the standard action "Convert" - "Filename to Tag" but nothing seems to happen. I expected to be presented for a format dialog but I didn't. The function just exited.

I have tried to download a new version of the program and reinstall - no go.

I have checked that the files are not Read-only.

What am I doing wrong?

Second question - how should I make my own action if I wanted to make the above conversion? (i.e via the menu "Convert" - "Actions")

There was a check mark missing in the Options -> Convert -> Tag menu ("Show Selection Dialog")
After setting that check mark I can enter my mask.

I'd still like to know the answer to Q2, though.


Claus Sternberg

Hi Claus,

you can use the action type Guess values with %_filename% as source format.