Problem with garbage in Tags

Between NetRadioStation and OrigAlbum There is a string of complete garbage. Between ShowMovement and Subtitle, there is another similar sting of rubbish.

This seems to have started after I updated to 2.90a.

It also shows up on VLC --> Information --> Metadata.

How do I get rid of it. These are my own music files, not bought, made by myself.

I don't understand what you mean by

Do you refer to a field?
Do you refer to parts of a field?
See the extended tags dialogue (alt-T) to see if it is a field which you then can delete easily.

Yes, they are fields. I see them in Extended Tags. They cannot be deleted as far as I can see. I tried with Del, no effect.

Suggestions would be appreciated

OK, I upgraded ti v2,97 and I managed to delete the offending fields,

Thanks anyway