Problem with JAVA Export Array using totaldics-Tag


I think this ones goes to the experts SquallLeonhard38 and nickless.
First of all, thanks for providing your great export funktions. I use the scips of SquallLeonhard38 and did some modifications on it.
But the problem I have occurs also using the original Script "SquallLeonhart38 Albumlist 01 html Art-Alb Listing".
I decided to use the Tags "DISCNUMBER" and "TOTALDISCS" to handle Multidisc-albums. This works fine in about 20 cases but not in two exceptions and I can't see the difference in inputdata nor can find out the reason. In this two cases the next album of the next artist shows up in the listing under the artist of the multi-CD-album and all the following albums have a offset of one artist. I attached the output file showing this: The "Nocturama" album belongs to "Nick Cave". "Fire On The Mountain" to the "Charlie Daniels Band"
It would be great if you could have a look into this. If needed I can sent you the input data too.
Thanks and a Happy New Year


Finally found out the reason:
This is caused when the Year-Tag differs for the seperate disks of multidics-albums.
When loading disk information for each seperate disc from Freedb I picked sources with different values for the year tag. Since the Albumlist only the value for the first disc shows up in the albumlist, this was not obvious.
Anyway so this one is solved for me. Maybe this information saves somebody else a litte time.