Problem with "List File Tag -> Tag" function

I have a TXT file which contains about 7000 MP3 files and I have to use the function List File -> Tag to update tags.
I have problems with some files because not all fields has been updated.
For example, the song in the attached file (Marc Antony TAG) is one of the 7000 in the file... If I isolate it in a separate TXT file, everything works correctly.
If I run the function with the TXT containing the full list of 7000 MP3 files, program can't update the TAG of some fields such as initialkey, track, comment, album (see attached file "preview List File Tag").
How could it be possible?

Marc_Anthony_TAG.txt (374 Bytes)

preview_List_File_Tag___Tag.txt (984 Bytes)

Please provide the import Formatstring too.

There are 23 ';' semicolon field separators, this gives 24 fields.
Is this correct?

Hmm, have a look at the special characters, which have been transformed into UTF-8 character sequences, ... maybe they break the input format?


Correct, the character ";" saparates the fields.... perhaps thera are special characters which breaks the input format, but how can I know if there some of that characters? I have more that 7.000 files and I can't check them all :frowning:

At first you should try the import process with ... one ... two ... ten ... fifty ... files ...
to understand how it works and how you can get it right for the big package.

Again: please show us the import Formatstring, ...
so we can check if it works or not with the given input data.

If so, then learn to live with the failures.