Problem with order in usb, the list is numerated

I have a little problem, this list has 3 digits for each song, I copy to my usb archive by archive, the order is the orden that I want, but when I connect my usb car does not respect the established numerical order.
My song are: 015 Title of song- Route-label-singer. I numbered the tracks with the numerator of mp3 tag.
Any solution or what am I doing wrong

Which order do you find on the car player?
Does it sort the filename?
Or the title?
Or what?
because: if MP3tag shows the correct order, it would be much more interesting to see the result on the player.

Like you see in the picture 1,2,3,etc.
First song C'est la vie (you never can tell) Emmylou Harris
Second Jambalaya
So I put the number of track add 0 because the USB read like a binary 001,002 because are 123songs
All my songs are in folders and I copy folder to folder one by one.
But I don't understand my mistake.
Thank you

Tomorrow mornig, I will see what order, today is the first day, after to put cover of singers, for more of 300songs, etc.
Excuse my english Iwrite you from Spain
Thank you very much

Looks like a perfect order to me: track with number 1 is the first in the list, track with number 2 is the second.
So: what should it be?
(And why are there now 2 posters @ekilikua and @chechu describing the problem?)

You are storing the track number (pista) in the ID3 tags, but it is not part of the file name (nombre de archivo), which your car stereo might use for sorting.

Unfortunately, it is also possible that your car stereo only supports ID3v1.1 instead of v2.3 or even v2.4. A single file in the screenshot uses v1.1, check whether that is tested differently.

My song are: 015 Title of song- Route-label-singer.

I assume you mean the columns in Mp3tag as seen in the screenshot. (The proper English column, field and variable names are track, file name, path, tag, artist.) Your car stereo does not know about the order of neither columns nor rows in the Mp3tag window. The screenshot does not show the (possibly important) title column.

You could automatically rename the files to include your custom track number with Mp3tag.
You may rather want to create (“export”) an M3U playlist which your car stereo might support.

Thanks I will tray to put the order in the file for example
001xxxxx. MP3
An I delete the order of tracks and I Imagine that the USB in car respect the order. I tell you the result

Was a problem with login, but is the same person Chechu and ekilikus

Thanks in first level
I think that that the best solution is in principle dont delete track number and to put the track number in the song name, so that the order I think will be correct and the order also, once do that I delete the track number, I don't know if I can doing automatically or manually. Thanks all

Automatically, of course: Rename Files – Mp3tag Documentation

You probably want something like $num(%track%, 3) %title% or, if your TITLE column is in fact empty, $num(%track%, 3) %_filename%.

Thanks Crisow for your knoweleg, for example:
001Baby Jane Rod Stewart

002Blue Moon Rod Stewart/Clapton

I think that this is the way for my usb for car, because if my car don't support Id version...

The best thing is to try another solution. I want tell you my USB car don't support USB 3.0
Thank you I wii feedback with the result.

Hello Crissow, at the end I tried with your( $num(%track%, 3) %title% or, if your TITLE column is in fact empty, $num(%track%, 3) %_filename%), but dont it worked, I convert Ticket to archive, but don´t start, at the end I decide to change the name and the column with order 1, 2,3.....and now works.I send you and image, ah the work was slow and tedious. I put the number/song/track and singer. But manually, and works, may be is a problem of mi car, but only has 3 years or my level of knowledge, but thank you very much.

This is my car nad the music, thanks Crissow