problem with renaming

i searched the forum for a bit to see if this had been resolved before, but every time i came close, the technical jargon just confused me. :frowning:

anyway, i have somewhere around 9,000 mp3s, and when i try to rename them all at once via the convert > tag - filename option, around 2,000 of them can't be renamed. i've looked at a few of them that couldn't, and i figure it could possibly be that it would either name the filename too long, or the tag includes funky characters that wouldn't be allowed in a filename.

is there a solution to this?

thanks in advance,

You can use $validate() in the formatstring for replacing illegal characters with a dash or an underscore for example: $validate(%artist% - %title%,_).
As for the long names issue, that is a Windows problem. It also depends which file system you are using (FAT32 or NTFS).

yeah, i realize that. but is there any way in mp3tag to tell it to just cut the text after the allowed number of characters?

edit: thanks, by the way


where 255 is the max path you want