Problem with replace ()[]

Hi guys

I use this line when I rename a folder in MP3tag:
$replace(%artist%, ,,&,Og,Æ,Ae,æ,ae,Å,Aa,å,aa,Ø,Oe,ø,oe,é,e,'',,´,,!,,)-$replace(%album%, ,,&,Og,Æ,Ae,æ,ae,Å,Aa,å,aa,Ø,Oe,ø,oe,'',,'(',,')',,é,e,´,,!,,',',,)

I want to replace ()[] in album or artistname, but the problem is, if the Albumname or artistname for instance is:

Albumname Albumname (Someting)
Artistname Artistname (Something)

It will change to:

because I am already replacing space with _ and () with nothing.

How can I get it to look like this instead:


Hope it make sense.

The $replace() expression has no "-" anywhere in it so that the result would never be "-" as replacement for e.g. a "("

The function
$replace('Albumname Albumname (Someting)', ,_,&,Og,Æ,Ae,æ,ae,Å,Aa,å,aa,Ø,Oe,ø,oe,'',,'(',,')',,é,e,´,,!,,',',,)

leads to the result "Albumname_Albumname_Someting"
so your example string does not match, neither source nor result nor replace-string...

Can you do it again?

PS: you can test the outcome with the function Convert>Tag-Tag and an example string.

Actually (Just tested) the output from this:

Artist: New Politics
Album: Vikings (Test)

Becomes: New_Politics-Vikings_Test

I want it to be: New_Politics-Vikings-Test

But then the replacement rule for the "(" is not correct. It should be:
' (',-

And then you will get:


Because the blank space is also replaced with _ and you can't remove that.

Found the solution. I did not know that is was a chain reaction.

So this did the trick:
$replace(%artist%, ,,&,Og,Æ,Ae,æ,ae,Å,Aa,å,aa,Ø,Oe,ø,oe,'',,'(',-,')',,é,e,´,,!,,',',,)-$replace(%album%, ,,&,Og,Æ,Ae,æ,ae,Å,Aa,å,aa,Ø,Oe,ø,oe,'',,'(',-,')',,é,e,´,,!,,',',,)-%SOURCE%-%_tag%-%year%-MusicBits