Problem with some artist


I'm using the version 2.73 and I have several problems with some artists.
I'll explain. In the case of some artists, despite having entered all the tags correctly, the radio in my car automatically changes the name.

Feder becomes Feeder
Federico Stragà becomes Federico Scavo
Carlotta becomes Las Carlottas
and so on

Why? There is a way to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance for your attention

Check which tags are in the files (APE, IDv1, IDv2) and how your settings are in respect to reading, writing, deleting. See File>Options>Tags>Mpeg for that.
You should read and delete all tag versions but write only V1 and V2.
Also see the extended tags (press Alt-T) for these files - and see if you have not yet updated ALBUMARTIST (or ARTIST).


first of all, thanks for your reply.

All the tags and all the extended tags are correct, I've checked.
For a better explanation of my problem, I attach a screenshot relating to a song that is creating problems.

As you can see, all the tags are written correctly.
But, when I insert my USB key in the car, instead of Federico Stragà appears Federico Scavo (which exists, is another artist though!). And this happens to other not very known artists. It is as if the reader does not recognize the name of the artist and it associates automatically the name to another artist better known.

It's very strange and I cannot understard what is the problem.

Perhaps the problem is that you have not set anything but ARTIST and TITLE.
Perhaps your player expects also information in the fields ALBUMARTIST and ALBUM.
Or you could try to write nothing but V1 tags (which has no ALBUMARTIST).
And you could check if there is that string that you find in the folder name or the file name.

Nothing, unfortunately problem not solved.
I cannot understand what it is wrong.

You have not really said what you have tried.
By what means could the car stereo get the data if it is not there?
I cannot look over your shoulder, so you have to investigate with the means you have got.

E.g. what happens if you remove all files from the pen drive except the one you showed in the screen dump - what does the car stereo show?

You're right, I'll try to be more detailed.

Following your last suggestion, I tried to compile the tag "albumartist" in order to check if the stereo read that tag instead of the tag "artist", but the problem recurs.
As mentioned, the strange thing is that this problem occurs only with certain artists (perhaps little known) that have names similar to other existing artists (Feder becomes Feeder or Federico Stragà become Federico Scavo for example) and the stereo automatically renames them.
To tell the truth, I noticed this thing also with other artists, whose names have been corrected by the stereo if they were written in a wrong way by me (my stereo does not give me "Royksopp" as I wrote in all the tags, but "Rӧyksopp" that is in fact the correct name). It is as if my stereo were linked to a database automatically. I think this also because, despite having eliminated all the covers, pictures of the artists quite always appear on the stereo. I do not know if my assumption may be correct.

I thank you for your patience and support. I really hope to solve this little problem, it is a shame to see artists' names wrong on the stereo.

So now you have to find out if your stereo has a mobile internet connection, if you can switch off that automatic contact.
And you have to find out if there is an internal database (like for Kody) and how to update that. THis still does not explain why the stereo should replace correct names with false ones.

Also, you could try to rename the file and see if the stereo then shows the updated information.

And check for hidden files on your usb device for the pictures or filenames with false spelling and so on. Usually computers are not clever enough to make up names like that or to paint pictures on their own.

What became of the experiment to have nothing but the single file on the USB stick?