Problem with stripping text

I am writing a program in VB.NET (Personal Project) and need your guys help with Regex (or another solution), I have been thinking for a solution for days but I can't solve it.

A line which can looks like this (and maybe more)

But I only want the 1st Part so

The only common standard about the format is that the text I want starts after a " chr(34) but after that there are (unfortunately) No more common identifiers (only that text I want is in ALL CAPS [A-Z] :wink:

I can't seem to find a solution to this problem, the text file formatting is just to messed up and to do it manually would take me days and days (60.000 Lines)

In the examples, IMHO the blank is the common separator.
$regexp('ABCDEFGHIJK ~ AB Ab Cdefgh"',(.?) .,$1)

Thanks for the Reply

But 1 thing.

That would fail if the text has a space in between. For example.

"ABCD EFGH I Abcd efgh

As I would like to get as Result ABCD EFGH

And the regex would only return ABCD

And in "the Regex Coach" the (.*?) doesn't give any matches :frowning:

Edit: I came up with this (please don't laugh as I am ABSOLUTELY not a REGEX guy :wink: )


But that already fails if the text has Ü (Umlaut) in it :wink: or will with the text (as it grabs tooo Much)

ABCD EFGH I (and I only want ABCD EFGH)

That is true, but in your example none of the result examples has a string in it with a blank ... so I can only be as good as the example is.

Perhaps you have to go through the list twice:
first cut all the bits in lower case, then deal with ones in mixed case.

This regexp will leave over anything that starts with capitals:
$regexp('ABCD EFÜGH I Abcd efgh',(?-i)(\u.) .,$1)

and this one
$regexp('ABCD EFÜGH I Abcd efgh',(?-i)(\u.) \u\l.,$1)

chucks off all strings that start with a captital and continue with a lower case.

Are you sure :wink: ???

Example line Nr 6

And I want as result

Thanks again, will try those Regexes. Great help !!

Good one about stripping first the lower cases and then the mixed cases !!

Edit: I most certainly could do it manually, but this list changes sometimes once a week or sometimes twice and then a long while it doesn't change, so Id rather do it "semi auto"

Not any more ...