Problem with text encoding


For some mp3, titles are not correctly displayed on my Galaxy S7 MP3 player.

See images

On this one, some greek text cannot be read for 3rd and 4th songs. 3rd should be "Ο Δικαστής" :

On this one, the text in french should be "...du Bouddha d’émeraude.."

Is it a problem with the way I inserted tags with Mp3tag?

Thanks for your help.

Well, how did you insert the tags with MP3tag?

See here for character encoding variations: /t/2785/1

It's worse with ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 at mt_options.png : all text was replaced by ????? in the title and in the unsyncedlyrics as well

This could well be.
You asked whether the cause is the way you entered the data:
I do not know as I do not know how you entered the data.

Do the files show the correct data in MP3tag?

when i wrote

I meant that may be I should have used specific setup in mp3tag, nothing else.

Some texts in greek are ok other are not. For greek texts I first typed them with since I do not have a greek keyboard then copied and pastes..

for "...du Bouddha d’émeraude.." it's in french and i just used my keyboard. the problem was with "é"

In both cases the problem is with the "title" fied, no problem with the lyrics field.

The correct data are shown in Mp3tag but not if I change the setup with "ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 " in that case I get "??????????????????????????????????"

The following applies only to MP3 files. Other file format may have other encodings.

I would suggest the following:
Create a new column to show the character encoding. For this enter
as Value: %_id3v2_character_encoding%
This should ideally show UTF16
If it does not, then use an action for these files: "Convert code page":
After that, it may be necessary, to re-enter the data.

Something similar can be achieved with the program "Mp3diags" that shows you if and where there are files with strange encodings and it even allows you to correct it.
Data corruption is possible as the original data cannot be determined any more.