Problem with Text File to Tag

I'm a beginner with Mp3Tag and I'm trying to import fields via "Text file to Tag", in order to automate changes on only four fields for all files in more than 1,200 CDs. My objective is to re-use these fields after transforming all files from WMA to FLAC.

Consequently, I can't use the easy way for each CD, after encoding n FLAC (Copy Tags - Paste Tags)

I have no problem for building an export file in the following format : "%albumartist%=%artist%="conductor%=%album%.

But I can't import correctly the fields by "Converter/Action/Import Texte File" because I can't find the right syntax for the parameter "Field" in the small screen "Import text file".

I tried some syntax, but w/o any success. Is it possible to import four fields from one texte file in only one operation ? With wich syntax ?

Thanks' in advance for your help.

You have to use Convert > Text file - tag [Alt+4]

not actions.

:rolleyes: Thank you for your quick answer.

The more simple way, the better way !