Problem with the tag " Encoded by "


I use for some time, MP3 tag 2.36...
Very well especially since we can add "panels of tag".

Problem: the tag " Encoded by " post(show) nothing, while the fonctionnnement is good with another editeur of tag...

Has you he there that a bug?

( I speak English very little, sorry. Has you he French in this forum there, svp? :frowning: )

Thank you


The name in Mp3tag for this field should be ENCODEDBY

You can also use ALT+T to find out the name .



It doesn't seems to be the case with recent version (v2.75).
The internal ENCODEDBY is no more mapped to TENC id3 tag...
I had to write a tag mapping to solve the issue.

I can't reproduce that.
Check if you have a type somewhere in the field name.

Edit: oh, nice - I just realized that I have a typo in "type" which was supposed to be "typo".

Sorry, my mistake! :blush:
Actually I was being misled because of the non support of this standard ID3 tag by my music player (MusicBee).
See if interested.