Problem with the tag in the wav file

Hello all.
I have a problem with the tag in the wav file.
Namely, after saving the field "album artist", windows 10 sees an empty field.
In the program, the field contains text,and displayed correctly, but in windows is empty. Other files, e.g. flac, mp3
are displayed correctly. Please help me. Photos in attachment
Sorry for my English

I can reproduce this.
But that does not help. I would think, it is a Windows issue.

Windows is just an example. I use another program, but it is less popular than windows,
so I thought that windows would be better to show the problem. I use the mediaportal program,
the problem is exactly like in windows. The problem is that the mediportal gets information from
the internet based on just the tags. Example in the attachment

I discovered something else: if I change the extension of the file to, for example, mp3 and I will put the tag in such a file. then windows and mediaportal can use this tag. I think the reason lies in the place where the album artist tag in the wav file is stored. Maybe it will lead someone to solve this error.
Thanks for all the advice that can help me solve the problem

If you change the file to have the *.MP3 extension, the ID3v2 tag is saved at the beginning of the file — this is not (really not) the suggested way of storing tags in *.WAV files and effectively breaks the file. It's like you'd prepend some garbage at the beginning of the file.

WAV, being a specialization of the RIFF file format, uses RIFF chunks to store information and Mp3tag supports both RIFF INFO chunks and ID3 chunks to store tag information.

I'd suggest not trying to do any workarounds to satisfy those limitations.

— Florian

Yes, I know that this is not the way to go, but the file is not damaged,
madiaporalal passthrough (AC3filter) DTS stream and the amplifier (yamaha rx-v671) correctly decodes DTS.
The amplifier reads the correct DTS data (44.1kHZ 1411.2kbps). The problem is with lengths file
(the mediaportal gives wrong lengths), but plays correctly
I am asking questions here, because I would like to have correct information in the wav file tags, and not to circumvent them, e.g. by changing extensions

here is an example wav file - maybe someone can advise me with the tags "artist i albumartist" on windows 10