Problem with user-defined column


I've tried to make a new column in which I could see the URL from file, but it's not working. I've tried some values like %URL% and %WWW%, but it's not working. What value should I use? I need to delete URLs from around 1300+ files, so it's kinda hard to do manualy. If there is a way to do it in Mp3tag, I would like to know.




Select one file containing an URL and press [ALT+T]. In the new window, you should see the field names, an equal sign and the field values. If the URL is stored inside the WWWARTIST field for example, you would have to use WWWARTIST when creating the custom column.

I hope that helps.



One more thing - if you want to remove fields from an audio file, you can select all files you want to edit, press [ALT+T], select the fields you want to be deleted, click on the red X and finally hit OK.


Thanks. Field name is %Wwwuser%. Is there any way to delete all field values from my files? I've downloaded my files from pay site and it generated tags with URLs in it.


Look at my last post. :wink:


I see. Thanks : )


I've wondered today why I hadn't used Alt+T before. The answer is that this feature became available only in v2.17 and I had v2.16. I've upgraded only in 10 minutes before asking questions here. And when you were typing an answer I found Alt+T combination in menu. And there I found the %Wwwuser% field.

It's a great program. I like it much and it's so easy to use that I'm terribly sorry to ask such a stupid question before trying to read more about new features. I was just to anxious to try used-defined columns : )